Dave Belanger (Clammer Dave) has been farming clams and oysters for over 10 years in the barrier island waters along Capers Island Wildlife Refuge just north of Charleston.

We provide gourmet shellfish to chefs and restaurants around the country. Cultured clams and singled, pristine oysters are delivered or shipped guaranteed grit free from the ocean to you in the same day.

Clammer Dave practices sustainable aquaculture. Caper's Clams® and Caper's Blades® oysters are grown and harvested with as little impact on the environment as possible. Oysters are harvested using a centuries-old technique called "cull in place". We take only the market size oysters and leave everything else on the reef. This ensures a strong habitat for juvenile oysters and the countless ocean creatures that depend on healthy oyster reefs, one of the world's most rapidly disappearing ecosystems.

What disinguishes Clammer Dave's high quality product is the final stage of harvest. Clams and oysters are raised above the fertile pluff mud sea bottom so the highly oxygenated surface waters can naturally purge the shellfish of any mud or grit, yet maintain it's salty liquor. This provides a pristine product that is guaranteed Grit Free, White Tablecloth, Raw Half-Shell Quality. We offer small sized clam and oyster options. Same Day Harvest/Delivery Catering Available

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